FIT-prototyping GmbH
  • Designobjekte – Modelle in Top-Optik und Haptik

Visual Prototypes—Models in excellent visual and haptic appearance

FIT Prototyping GmbH is a Germany-based leading protoype and model manufacturer, looking back at over 20 years of expertise in the field of additive manufacturing.

The visual prototypes performed by FIT Prototyping excel by their visual and haptic appearance—fast lead times and delivery granted as we have specialized in innovative additive manufacturing technologies. When embodying technical functionality (functional hinges, joints, buttons, etc.) is of minor interest to you and the issue is mainly about visualizing the intended design aesthetics, our visual prototypes are the ideal solution for you. We provide parts of highest geometrical complexity, achieving the desired looks by perfectly polished or varnished surfaces for presentational purposes such as trade shows, product show cases, but also for executive approval, photo shoots etc.

As to our services, we are able to produce prototypes in plastic and metal from your 3D data in a few days' lead time only, depending on the urgency of the order and on what technology is to be performed. Our broad range of manufacturing skills includes:

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