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Prototype Injection Molding for Tooling

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  • Prototypenwerkzeuge

Although general feasibility of a design can be judged according to samples achieved by rapid prototyping, single requirements of the following serial production can often be tested only by the help of fully functional components made from the later serial material. This is why FIT prototyping has specialized not only in prototyping services, but also in special tooling solutions using prototype injection molding.

Thanks to additive laser melting, we are able to produce your tools for prototype injection molding in shortest lead time. Our range of additive manufacturing technologies is supplemented by classic traditional machining processes for tooling such as 5-axes-milling, CNC turning, etc.

All degrees of complexity can be realized, from simple tools to fully automatic devices. Depending on the intended functionality, production time will vary from 3–8 weeks. Continuous quality control by experienced personnel will provide the needed quality assurance before production even starts.

At FIT prototyping, flexibility is considered to be of highest importance. Batch sizes of 1 or 10,000? Wish us to use your own raw material with our injection molding machines? No problem. We will comply fully to your wishes.

Best benefit-cost-ratio, high flexibility, and convincing time scheduling are the convincing advantages FIT prototyping is able to provide for preproduction and small batch series.

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